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DOWNLOAD MP3; Bumpin' My Music – Ray Cash Feat. Scarface

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Ray Cash may very well go down as “The Most Slept On” rap artist of his era, however short-lived. Those who were keeping pace in 2006, were surely bumpin’ his major debut Cash on Delivery, an album that offered the rap-obsessed a pretty well-rounded perspective on “The Culture,” even though it’s lead single gave off an impression of a hardline focus.

For example, the album’s intro “Wake Up Cleveland” put the rap establishment after witnessing Bone Thugs-N-Harmony slow down their pace, offering Ray Cash the opportunity become the spokesperson for the Ohio-faithful, much like LeBron James did in the realm of sports. And even if it didn’t last long, Cash’s definitive moment under the spotlight came on the album’s 3rd song: lead single “Bumpin’ My Music” featuring Geto Boys legend Scarface.

Not only does “Bumpin’ My Music” serves as a historical accord, thanks to its referential points held as sacred across the board – but in the years that followed its release, “Bumpin’ My Music” is commonly viewed as the definitive “Trunk Rattler” record, by the boosters get a rise out of modding their Coupe de Villes. This one ain’t for the faint at heart.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m in the old school ’84 Delta 88
Wit’ a ounce, but I’m bouncin’ like I’m out here movin’ weight
Bone and Biggie in the Pioneer, as I reminisce
Before that it was “D’evils” took ’em back to ’96
I went down to Houston for some face, Mary Jane
What a coincidence, I’m blowin’ Swishers, doin’ the same thing.


DOWNLOAD MP3; Bumpin’ My Music – Ray Cash Feat. Scarface


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