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DOWNLOAD MP3; All In – Lucki Feat. Earl Sweatshirt

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It’s no wonder that Earl and Lucki have developed such spirited chemistry. Both rappers previously approached instrumentals with a dexterous flow, only undergo a borderline drastic stylistic transformation in later years. While the shift proved alienating to some, the core fans who stuck it through found themselves reaping the benefits. Now, both Lucki and Earl have come through for a collaboration on the former’s upcoming Freewave 3, which is set to arrive this week. The track, which is currently available in select international markets, seems to pick up where Earl’s “Some Rap Songs” left off. Which is to say, hazy and cryptic.

Taking to a slowed down, vocal-driven beat, Lucki kicks things off with a surprisingly up-tempo flow, though his cadence suggests a hangover at the very least. “I’m picky lil bitch, don’t want her friend round me less she look good as my bitch,” spits Lucki, continuing an intricate “bitch” centric rhyme scheme. Earl comes through to finish it off, and prove that he stands among the game’s most intricate lyricists. Peep the track, and check back for Freewave 3, dropping tomorrow. 

Quotable Lyrics

I’m picky, lil bitch, don’t want her friend ’round me ‘less she look good as my bitch
I need two of them shits, I need no ni***a ’round me but I’m Dash, so it come with the shit
You gon’ fuck with the shit, off-beat babies
I’m a demon, I can’t keep my mind off this bitch

DOWNLOAD MP3; All In – Lucki Feat. Earl Sweatshirt


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