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DOWNLOAD MP3: Zacari Has The "Midas Touch" In His New Single

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Zacari releases a brand new single.

The TDE camp is full of major talent from top to bottom. Everybody on that roster has something to prove and they’re supporting each other throughout the journey. Kendrick Lamar linked up with Zacari on DAMN. and after that point, things were set in stone for the singer. Zacari has been steady with his work in the studio, being as selective as his mentor on when and which songs to release to the public. Today, he surprised us with a brand new single called “Midas Touch,” releasing the effort to streaming worldwide.

Zacari is one of the lesser known artists from the talented label of artists but “Midas Touch” has the potential to lift him up, helping him grow further to reach new heights. The track describes how taking risks has changed his life. Moving to Hollywood may have changed his character, making him a little “colder” but now, everything he touches “turns to gold.” What do you think of his new single?


Quotable Lyrics:

I’ve never been afraid of being lonely
If you didn’t know me before LA, you’ll never know me
Yeah, Hollywood changed up my persona
Yeah, Hollywood’s made me so much colder
If you don’t know that you’re the shit then it’ll show
If you don’t know just who you are, you’ll never glow


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