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DOWNLOAD MP3: Roddy Ricch Mixes & Mingles With Chip & Yxng Bane On "How It Is"

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Roddy Ricch taps Chip and Yxng Bane for his latest single “How It Is.”

Roddy Ricch has gone the UK route on his latest single “How It Is,” featuring two of the brighter talents on the scene. The Dreamchasers’ signee kicks things off with the usual melodic palpitations, for a musical bridge the length of a commencement speech – thankfully, Yxng Bane and Chip (formerly Chipmunk) are hip to Roddy’s marked approach, as you’ll soon find out.

For one thing, going the unusual route is not a new concept for Roddy, whose musical stylings come across like a rejection of the direct influences of his Compton breeding grounds. Chip, mission on “How It Is” involves him disproving the negative stereotype which states that UK rappers/singer in who do “Hip-Hop” are guilty of second-hand consumption.

But little do they know: Chip has outgrown the chip on his shoulder to become the epitome of versatility, as he routinely switches between Afrobeats, Grime, 2-Step, and Hip-Hop concurrences. On the other hand, Yxng Bane, as evidenced by his contributions on the record, is part of a Global trend that begs no resistance. Together, they make like magic in a tree, give’er a listen.


Quotable Lyrics:

My diamonds shine like the stars
And that’s why a young n*gg* came through flexin’
Double Gs on me and my Patek luminescent, yeah
Buss down the Cartiers and got a new necklace
Pull up in the drop, got us in a new message.

– Roddy Ricch


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