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DOWNLOAD MP3: Germ Sets The Stage For "RAMBO" Levels Of Weaponry

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Germ “RAMBO”

Germ charted an unusual path to success in the Atlanta rap scene, by pushing his music through an alternative parallel. Germ, a lifelong skater, saved his energy for those who seemed to listen with an open mind. The approach would eventually pay dividends, landing him the proposition of the century, as far as his “devil may care” aesthetic is concerned. The choice was simple, sign with G59 Records and retain all authenticity, or plug away at a modest rate of success.

Inevitably, the former Buffet Boys member chose to side with the G59 imprint headed by Ruby da Cherry and Scrim of the $uicideboy$ – something he describes as a “comfortable fit.” As his recent (relative) output would indicate, Germ hasn’t been asked to switch up the formula, even though on his latest single “RAMBO,” he does step away from the shadow of his partnership with Lil Gnar, with whom he came up rail grinding like all the other ATL skaters. Check it out and do give us your thoughts in the comment section below the write-up.


Quotable Lyrics:

I’m with the chopstick, FuckThePopulation
Why you hating? Need to rock, bitch
Hold my Glocky and my Percy, no concerns for law, bitch
I’m off the Wok, I’m worth a lot, I got this off the raw shit
I’m nauseous, coughin’, often backwoods taste like Neapolitan.

– Germ


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