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DOWNLOAD MP3; Shake It – Lil Xan

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For a playlist that was meant to facilitate your hook-up sessions on Valentine’s Day, the Pornhub album is surprisingly not very good in that area. Unless you’re bringing home a person that you couldn’t care any less about, the Pornhub V-Day album probably shouldn’t be your first pick if you’re trying to get in the mood with your girlfriend. Blac Chyna starts out the project with a spoken word introduction about wanting to get her ate eaten before we head into musical efforts from 6ix9ine, PnB Rock and, as outlined in this post, Lil Xan.

With his upcoming Be Safe album expected to arrive soon, the leader of Xanarchy is focused on rebuilding his image this year. “Watch Me Fall” was released at the beginning of this year and now, he’s returning with “Shake It,” a raunchy song about getting his girl to orally please him. Much like one of his other recent singles “Slope,” this song is not for everybody. If you’re interested in hearing Diego rap about his sexual activity, you’ll love this track. Otherwise, you may be leaning more towards something else. 

As you would expect, many of the new Pornhub songs discuss sex and the human body as their main topics. Maybe the adult entertainment website should stick to what got them so big in the first place.


DOWNLOAD MP3; Shake It – Lil Xan


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