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DOWNLOAD MP3; Break Down – Deniro Farrar Feat. Mvagzine & Fetty P. Franklin

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On “Break Down,” Deniro Farrar,  self-proclaimed “Leader of Cult Rap,” gives the euphemism of food added depth. Farrar and his guests Mvagazine and Fetty P. Franklin spend the majority of the “Break Down” music video concealing the “food” in their short-order menu options. While Narco rap is nothing more than a guilty pleasure to some, it’s practitioners: artists like Deniro Farrar are simply speaking to their objective realities, not only the audience their music unintentionally produces.

Just this past week, Deniro re-emerged with an 8-song project fittingly titled Re-Up, his first since 2017. But that’s not all, Farrar has every intention of following it up with three independent projects showcasing the extended Cult Rap roster and plenty of accompanying video material. Although “Break Down” was first released some two weeks ago, the Re-Up release may as well serve as it’s re-introduction to the masses. Hit us with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

The plug got a nigg* pissed off
Never had a problem getting bricks off
But the work slow so I’m cuttin’ heroin with fentanyl
I don’t fuck with nigg*s ’cause they talk a lot like a bitch talk
And my last codefendant told everything
So I’m breakin’ down everything
Servin’ nigg*s bags of mary jane.

– Fetty P. Franklin

DOWNLOAD MP3; Break Down – Deniro Farrar Feat. Mvagzine & Fetty P. Franklin


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