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DOWNLOAD MP3; My Buddy – Phresher

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G Herbo’s “Sacrifice” is the perfect blend of spare brutalism and storytelling. As always, he and 808Mafia’s Southside provide their fans with an irksome quality that is equal parts, hard to digest – hard to look away. Their follow-up record Still Swervin, has Pac-like properties to it, in the sense of continuity: once a thug, still a thug. As untouched as he may seem while his playing with his infant child, G Herbo is stubbornly stuck on the stories of his past, and to some extent, the way he views the World today.

On “Sacrifice,” G Herbo uses incremental flashcards to travel back-and-forth through time. The date of August 10th gets penciled in, unbeknownst to us all, Chicago’s 78th neighborhood is mentioned without all the glitz associated with its riverfront remodeling – these are the broad strokes of a rapper whose music is one giant stream undivided. Check out “Sacrifice” and the rest of Still Swervin if you haven’t already

DOWNLOAD MP3; My Buddy – Phresher


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