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DOWNLOAD AUDIO; Swerve – Paul Wall Feat. Pendrick

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On “Swerve” Paul Wall delivers the same old message, of Northerners imposing their will on to muffled silence. For every encourageable triumph in Travis Scott’s career, the City of Houston is only paid a small percentage-owed. But when Paul Wall puts out a new song to little fanfare, its resonance is damn near always felt on the ground level. That’s why Paul Wall gets a similar amount of screen time on the JumboTron wearing a Yao Ming throwback at the Toyota Center.

On “Swerve,” Paul Wall doesn’t go at it alone; he is joined by Pendrick, who in my opinion, actually upstages his host, but not purposely so – in the manner LLCooL J went about derailing Canibus’ career decades ago. Paul Wall, in his assumed role as the “The Po Up Poet” hasn’t lost his beguiling powers, even in his old age (relative to hip-hop’s purge of all things stale). The toothy grin shines just as bring in 2019 as it did for his iconic debut. Back in 2005, the rap public didn’t know what to make of a white dude penning slab music. Fast forward to today, and no one bats an eye when “The People’s Champ” is brought up in a discussion. Hit us with your thoughts on “Swerve” produced by The Colleagues.

DOWNLOAD AUDIO; Swerve – Paul Wall Feat. Pendrick


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