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DOWNLOAD AUDIO; Cama – Vacía Ozuna

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Ozuna bounces back from personal turmoil with a brand new video single.

Ozuna isn’t letting the sex tape scandal chide all the momentum he garnered in 2018. Just yesterday, the Puerto Rican superstar reconnected with the experiential highs once more by returning to his craft, several weeks removed from a scandal the entire Commonwealth. The broader effects were felt on this side of the Media Wall, enough for casual gringos to take notice.

The savvy business that he appears to be, Ozuna is staying busy under the pretence the no press is bad press, and truth be told, when push came to shove in his extortion case, it was Ozuna who bit the shark before the press could take hold of the narrative.

And although Ozuna is showing every sign of pushing past the debacle, the visuals to his “Cama Vacía” single are packed with meaning. As you’ll see, a marionette, perhaps representative of his struggles, copes with a ventriloquist’s absolute control. How do you feel about artistic direction here; hit us with your thoughts?

DOWNLOAD AUDIO; Cama – Vacía Ozuna


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