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DOWNLOAD ALBUM; Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock

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Punk rock legend Bob Mould is coming back with a new solo album called Sunshine Rock. Recorded after three years of spending time and living in Berlin, the LP features Mould’s rawest vocal performance since his Hüsker Dü days and string arrangements brought to life by the Prague TV Orchestra. And today, he’s shared its lead single and title track.

“‘Sunshine Rock’ was such a bright, optimistic song, and once that came together, I knew that would be the title track, and that really set the tone for the direction of the album,” Mould says in a press release. “It was funny, because writing with that as the opener in mind, it was like, ‘This is not Black Sheets Of Rain.’”

“To go from [2011 autobiography] See A Little Light to the last three albums, two of which were informed by loss of each parent, respectively, at some point I had to put a Post-It note on my work station and say, ‘Try to think about good things,’” Mould adds. “Otherwise I could really go down a long, dark hole. I’m trying to keep things brighter these days as a way to stay alive.”

DOWNLOAD FULL ZIP ALBUM; Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock


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