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DOWNLOAD ALBUM; Highasakite – Uranium Heart

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Highasakite are set to release new album ‘Uranium Heart’ on February 1st.

The Norwegian project are back, with sessions for their new album containing roots that stretch back over the last 18 months.

‘Uranium Heart’ will emerge on February 1st, and seemingly emerges from a “continuous process” where new ideas mingle with old.

Out via Propeller Recordings, Highasakite have just shared the two-part lead track ‘Mexico’, and it’s a crisp, imposing, ambitious return.

Ingrid Helene Håvik explain: “We started to record ‘Uranium Heart’ early in 2017. The songwriting is a continuous process with some old songs and some brand new. It has been a long process of trying to find songs I am truly happy with, and to write them without trying to fulfil every criteria on how to make a good pop record. The aim was to be able to write without other people’s wishes in the back of my mind and daring to follow your own vision and taste. It’s a hard process when so many people are relating to music as some sort of a commission.”

DOWNLOAD FULL ZIP ALBUM; Highasakite – Uranium Heart


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