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Devin The Dude Rides For His Beloved Lemon On "Lacville '79"

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Devin The Dude pens an intimate love letter to his bucket o’ rust.

Whenever people are debating the “essentials” of the hip-hop canon, there is one particular project that often gets overlooked. That would be Devin The Dude’s stellar Just Tryin Ta Live, which dropped in August of 2002. While the album made for one cohesive, weed-fueled odyssey, there’s something endearing about the fourth track, “Lacville 79′.” The self-produced ode to Devin’s titular vehicle drives forward with a slick bassline, bolstered by a few smooth guitar licks; it’s the perfect backdrop for cruising-sessions, as the author likely intended. The infectious beat is but one essential element, however. Devin’s journeyman lyricism should not be undersold.

Throughout the lengthy anthem, The Dude finds himself reflecting, albeit fondly, on his vehicle’s numerous shortcomings. Yet as with any relationship, one comes to admire the blemishes. He proceeds to paint a few scenarios in which he and his Lacville overcome, and occasionally falter to adversity. During one attempted booty-call, Devin finds himself and his lady-friend stranded against-all-odds.

“I got over there real cool and picked her up all good, but half way to the hotel smoke start coming up from the hood,” he raps. “Me and the bitch had to push and she didn’t even get mad at me, figured out the problem made her go steal me a battery.” Relive this smooth banger now. 

Quotable Lyrics

Fuel injected n***s be honkin but fuck it my shit is fine
I’ve paid for it ’bout 9 times, different mechanics
Too much of a job, some say they just couldn’t handle it
I need some shocks on the back, I need some works on the brakes
My passenger side window sometimes it just don’t wanna raise
I hear bumps and crunks, pings and ticks and dings
I got a hole in my muffler and other minor things
Like my electrical rear view mirror don’t move like it ‘posed ta
Even the objects in that mothafucka need to be closer


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