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The Underachievers Are "Stone Cold" On New Single

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The Underachievers have a banger.

Beast Coast Collective members The Underachievers are the opposite of their name. The crew dropped off the low-key classic album After The Rain in November, and now they have returned just over a month later with a new single. “Stone Cold” is a banger the moment it begins. YDNA constructed a bass knocking anthem that sounds like something A$AP Ferg would stomp on. Instead, The Underachievers overachieve and slaughter “Stone Cold.”

AKTHESAVIOR and Issa Gold kick dangerous bars about their high lifestyles while dismissing their haters with threats and complex flexes. “Stone Cold” should be played in your car at high volumes, or pumped in the club at peak turn up hours. 

Quotable Lyrics
My name hold weight, I don’t need no weapon
One call nigga, let the beef get deaded
I keep getting to ya, I don’t need no lesson
Been winning all year, need to count my blessings
Took a whole year off to relax, I’m chillin’
I’m back with the heat like a fire in the kitchen


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