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ChaseTheMoney Links Up With Lucki On "More Than Ever"

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Lucki exacts revenge on “crazy girls” and faulty mechanics.

ChaseTheMoney is back on his grizzly furnishing Chicago’s post-trap scene with the best he has to offer. On “More Than Ever,” the St. Louis-bred producer links up with Lucki for a chippy meditation on drug culture – from the perspective of a ‘user enthralled.’ “More Than Ever” looks set to appear on a tentative project named Freewave 3, from which Lucki has already recruited Thouxanbanfauni, at a similar stage of comeuppance.

The union of ChaseTheMoney and Lucki makes all too much sense, on the basis of their relative taste levels. Lucki hasn’t always been this inclined to employ a drug-addled delivery; the point of inspiration that he operates under, often suffuses multiple spheres of influence into one general idea, allowing to move between social circles, be it the safe tidings provided by Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, or even Mick Jenkins. Check out “More Than Ever” and hit us with your thoughts.   

Quotable Lyrics:

Five thousand on crazy girls, it’s better, ay, yeah, ay
My bitch finesse a n***a because I let her, ay, ay
Ten thousand on crazy girls, it’s better, ay, yeah, yeah
I’ve been there before, it’s nothing special, ay, ay, ay
I’ve seen this before, it’s something special, ay, ay, ay
Recoup that advance like give me better, ay, ay.


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